10 – Acre Rule

If you happen to have more than 10 acres of land at the site you plan on having a septic system installed you may be exempt from need of acquiring a permit for a new septic installation. TCEQ (Texas Commission of Environmental Quality) will allow an OSSF (On Site Sewage Facility) System to be constructed on a single family residence on a 10-acre or larger tract of land in which the disposal lines are at least 100 feet from the proper line. This is what is often called the “10- Acre rule.”

Not all jurisdictions allow this exemption, so it is important to check with your local permitting authority beforehand. Also, if a problem from the system occurs (like neighbors complaining about sewage run-off) the permitting exemption is lost. Most of the time a homeowner will need a permit to have a septic system constructed. Click here to learn about the permitting process for septic systems in Texas.