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Getting Started

What you need before you can have a septic system installed

Site evaluation

Before you can have a system installed it is important to find out what your soil and site conditions are. You will need a site evaluator to come out and examine the site for groundwater, soil type, (whether it’s sand, silt, clay, etc.) and the location of structures that the septic system needs to be kept back from such as water wells, property lines, etc.


System design

Based upon the site evaluation the system designer will design a system that will function well for the specific site requirements. Based off of lot size, house size, soil type, etc.


To obtain a permit to install your septic system a copy of the site evaluation and system design must be presented to your jurisdictions permitting authority. Once the permit has been approved and an authorization to construct is issued we can begin installing your system.

Let us handle all this work for you

It can be confusing getting started when you don’t know who provides these services, or even where to look. Let us take care of the paperwork- the site evaluation, the design, the permitting. That way we can get things moving quickly and finish with your install in no time. Contact us