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Septic Installation

 septic storage tank being installed

Want A High-Quality Septic Installation?

We are a professional septic services company specializing in both residential and commercial septic installations to East Texas. Our friendly team will come in with the licenses, the know-how, and the equipment to get the job done right! Our installations surpass the bare minimum standards required by state regulations. We design our systems to last long. So you can spend your time doing better things than hunting down a sewer repairman. Having a fully functioning septic installation will increase the value of your home as well as the surrounding properties. A sanitary environment is an absolute necessity with today’s urban and suburban living conditions. Ready to get started? Contact us, we are here to help!

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Septic installs customized for your sites requirements

Our installs are based on a site/soil evaluation and a professional design. These are the planning materials done by licensed individuals which are the foundation for a legitimate sewage installation. Once we get these materials approved by the local authority we begin installing the system. The system we install is designed for your site’s unique requirements, which is based on house size, slope, soil type and a multitude of other factors. This ensures that the system selected will be the best for your site. No property/site is the same, the best system for one site may be the worst for another. If the site is located on a clay based soil Pumped Effluent Drainfields or Low-Pressure Dosing Systems are often used. If the soil is sandy then leaching chambers or perforated pipe with geotextile fabric is often used. We like to make things simple and not get into complicated mechanical components unless they are absolutely necessary. The more complex a systems components are the more maintenance and expense they require.


We don’t use cheap materials & we don’t cut corners

Fiberglass Septic Tanks…. Seriously?

We use concrete tanks for many reasons, the main reason is they don’t bust like fiberglass or other cheap materials. The only benefit to fiberglass is it makes it easier on the septic installation crew by not having to deal with a heavy tank. But it causes a headache for the property owner later on when the tank burst due to the ground swelling over and over when the soil gets saturated due to rain or water leaks in the tank itself. The only Type of soil a fiberglass tank will work in is type 1b sand. If the soil has any degree of plasticity, which is true for all soil types except for larger grained sands the soil will expand when saturated and contract while it dries out. Which puts stress on the tank and over time can lead to tank rupture.

No Geotextile Fabric To Prevent Dirt From Entering System…. Really?

It is common for installers to not use geotextile fabric when installing leaching chambers. Geotextile fabric is a thin sheet of special netting designed to let water pass through and nothing else. When geotextile fabric is not used in a sandy soil for a system that requires it, a serious problem occurs. The leaching chambers plug up with dirt! Which eliminates the system’s storage capacity and infiltrative ability.This typically results in system failure after 7-8 years! What was once an empty void providing storage capacity for the wastewater now becomes solid dirt!

They Didn’t Put An Effluent Filter Inside The Tank?

Putting an effluent filter reduces the amount of solid waste that enters the drain field. Filters should be cleaned every 2-3 years at the same time that the tanks are pumped. When solids enter the drain field they plug up the system, compromising its ability to treat and dispose of wastewater.

We Install Septics Systems The Right Way

We install our tanks at least 6 inches underground to keep toxic gases from killing the vegetation above. Unfortunately, many homeowners are able to locate their septic tanks by looking for an area of dead grass out in the yard. Tanks are made watertight by use of the correct sealer. We don’t use silicon or spray foam, that’s for sealing windows, not septic tanks. Pipes are prevented from bursting and fittings slipping out of joint by working the dirt the right way. We use correct wire size when the system requires electrical components. If the wire being implemented into the septic installation is not the proper size and material, bad things happen. Pumps burn up, wires melt, and your system doesn’t function anymore. Unfortunately, The majority of inspections are only concerned with the ability of the system to treat wastewater, not the quality of the electrical. It is the installers responsibility to make sure the electrical is up to code, unfortunately, this is often neglected.

What About The Paperwork?

We’ll handle the paperwork and save you a headache!

We Value Your Business And Enjoy Your Continued Satisfaction

We create a friendly and safe work environment. We make sure all local utility companies have been contacted before beginning excavation work. All work performed by our friendly team will be done in a professional manner. We take caution when operating heavy equipment on your property. And likewise, we use the right equipment for the job. We are an “owner operated” company so management will always be present on the job site to guide the team and ensure quality.


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